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How to increase your internal car parking space
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How to increase your internal car parking space

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posted in Latest News and Information by on 16:12 Mar 13th, 2019

New to our range of car parking lifts is our E435-EL, which is a 3.5 Ton 4 post car parking and service lift, with an electric lock release. Over recent years due to car owners having more than one car, there has been a desire to use an existing internal parking space for parking multiple cars.

At Equipment4garages we have a range of 4 post parking lifts for internal use, with a manual lock release system like the E4 435P. It meant releasing the 4 locks placed inside each post with a single lever close to the control panel and pressing the down button at the same time to bring the lift to the ground. The manual system works fine, but things move on. Hence the introduction of our electric lock release model. Another feature on this new lift is the Key Switch. The removeable key is used to send the lift both up and down and can be removed from the control panel when not in use.

Another feature of the lift is the moveable height limit switch. You can adjust the height of your car stops by adjusting the limit switch up and down on a slide bar mounted on the power post. The lift has some useful accessories such as Drip Trays, Jacking Beam and Castor Kit.


The Drip Trays - can be put in place to prevent oil dripping on to the car below. These lifts have been selling
successfully over the years in the United States and we have now introduced them in the UK.

The Castor Kit - can be used to move the lift around your garage space. 

The Jacking Beam - is used to raise the wheels of the platforms enabling you to remove the wheels and carry suspensions repairs etc.







Finally, we have a full range of 2 Post and 4 Post internal and external parking lifts, which can be viewed here

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