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 We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to offer garage equipment finance (hire purchase, lease hire, leasing) to our customers. Presently we use a couple of finance houses who specialise in offering finance to the garage equipment trade and also to individuals.


 If you are looking to finance a piece of equipment, there are two ways which you can apply.

1. You can fill out the form on the product page that you wish to finance.

2. You can send an email to sam@equipment4garages.com and include the following information.

  • Product: 
  • What phase required? 1ph or 3ph?
  • Contact Name:
  • Telephone Number:
  • Company Name or Residential:
  • Delivery Address:
  • Number of Years Finance Required:
  • Please advise if you require delivery only or delivery & installation?
  • Please advise if you require the lift oil to be added to your enquiry (Hydraulic 32 spec oil):
  • Personal or Business Finance?


Once we receive the form or the email, your details will then be passed onto a finance broker who will then contact you directly and get you approved on finance (subject to status).

If you have any questions you can call us on 01727 875695.

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