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2 Post Lift vs 4 Post Lift for Home Garage Use
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2 Post Lift vs 4 Post Lift for Home Garage Use

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posted in Latest News and Information by on 12:12 Jun 17th, 2016

Here at Equipment4garages we are often asked the question,
“what is the difference in getting a 2 post lift or a 4 post lift for use in a home garage?”
Both lifts have advantages and disadvantages over each other and here are some aspects to consider when making your decision

2 Post Lift

A 2 post lift will take up less room, but when installing you should leave at least a 60cm gap beside each post to allow you to get safely down either side. In a garage with low ceiling height you will get more access height to the underneath of the car with a 2 post lift as the car will be lifted by the chassis or sills, whereas on a 4 post lift you will have the wheels on the platforms. On average a 2 post lift will give an extra 50cm of access underneath the car.
When it comes to carrying out repairs everything is more accessible on a 2 post lift. Brakes and suspension are easy to work on as the wheels automatically hang down. Where as on a 4 post lift you will need to jack the car off the platforms using a jacking beam or bottle jack. 
When it comes to storage I have known of cars being left on a 2 post lift for years, which is normally safe if they have good safety locks, but we consider a 4 post lift is a much safer and better option. 

4 Post Lift

With a 4 post lift you will definitely need more room and they can be either permanently bolted to the floor or made portable with the use of a castor kit. They are ideal for long term car storage as they support all 4 wheels and when raised make room for another car to be stored below.
Getting the car on and off a 4 post lift is quicker and much much easier. With a 2 post lift you need to kneel down, place the arms in the correct position and adjust the lift pad height. On a 4 post lift you just drive on and off. 
 J5H Jacking beam image
You can carry out maintenance work on a 4 post lift, but for some jobs you will need the help of a jacking beam or as they are often referred to rolling jacks. These are used when you need to lift the wheels off the platform. They run up and down the centre of the 2 platforms and you then position them where you need to lift, such as at the front or rear. 
Another important benefit of a 4 post lift is that cars with a low ground clearance are generally easier to load and for cars with exceptionally low clearance the 4 post lift can be recessed to overcome the problem. This would incur an additional cost unless  pre-designed into a new build. 
Accessories such as jack trays enable the use of a bottle jack instead of jacking beam. Oil drip trays that sit between the 2 platforms to prevent oil dropping onto a car kept below are available as standard stock item.


Situations will differ and each lift will have a range of features and specifications. These should be taken into account when choosing the right lift along with what you need the lift for, where it will be going and the size and type of vehicle you will be using with it.
We find a 2 post lift such as our Peak E4G A240 is more suited to small spaces and makes maintenance easier, where as a 4 post lift such as our AMGO E4G 435-P parking and service lift is good for long term storage freeing up garage space for another car and maintenance. 
If you are interested in a 2 post or 4 post lift for home use you can see a range of them on our website or give us a call to discuss your specific needs and we will help you find the one that is right for you.
Tel: 01727 875695
Written by Richard Wilson June 2016


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