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E4G Trip to the Peak and AMGO Car Lift Factory
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E4G Trip to the Peak and AMGO Car Lift Factory

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posted in Latest News and Information by Richard on 9:50 Jan 22nd, 2018

In January I visited China to inspect the factories and assess the new 1 Post Lift model, the SL-2500 that has now entered full production.


The weather in Shanghai is much the same as in London this time of the year. However, the sky always seems grey and the visibility is poor. The flight to Shanghai landed early, but the time the plane was berthed it was an hour late. There wasn’t much to see on landing due to the fog. I don’t think they like saying pollution, but the “fog” didn’t relent while we were there.


After an internal flight we were met at Guangzhou factory by Jimmy and Shair. Anyone in the export business in China always adopts an English name. On one occasion we mentioned to one of the sales team that she might want to change her adopted name, because she had called herself “Flusey”. We could of not said anything, but she was a nice girl and it wouldn’t have been fair for her to be the butt of many comments and jokes. It could have got very

embarrassing for her.







It took about 1 hour to get to the factory from the airport. We had a brief tour of the factory and it was as busy as ever. The factory covers nearly 5 acres on the main site, the rams and pumps are manufactured at another site. The main market for their production is the USA and the product is mainly sold under the brand name Atlas. It is quite famous there.







As you can see the loading bay was packed and containers were lined up. They load up to 100 containers a month. Where all these lifts are sold we don’t know, but they go to every corner of the globe. We have exported to many countries ourselves so we know the processes behind it very well. Our performance was discussed and the AMGO range of parking lifts is selling well. AMGO is the European brand of Peak. All Peak products are available in Europe and they all have CE approval.


We sell the full range, but only stock a few models of the less popular lifts. The 4 post parking lifts that are selling well are the E4G 435-P, the E4G 440-P and E4G 440-HP. Due to garages being relatively small in the UK the smallest of the trio, the E4G 435-P outsells the other parking lift models by a consdierable margin. 

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