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Importance Of A Wheel Balancer
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Importance Of A Wheel Balancer

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posted in Support and Advice - Wheel Balancers by Equipment4Garages on 11:48 Feb 8th, 2013

Wheel Balancers Can Give Your Customers The Perfect Ride

With the demand for tyre changing and tyre repair increasing, a good wheel balancer is becoming a staple and a necessity in any tyre shop.  When tyres are manufactured there are always slight imperfections in them such as thickness variations, etc., which cause them to be slightly uneven and wheel balancers can effectively compensate this.  The balancer will help to quickly and conveniently assess slight imperfections in the way the wheel turns and then small weights can be added to offset the effect.  Getting the balance right will make a huge difference for the driver and the ride quality will be a lot smoother because mechanical vibrations will be reduced.  This in turn will minimise the amount of wear and tear suffered by key components of the vehicle such as the axle assembly thus improving the lifespan of these components.

Looking Out For Wheel Balancers?

Turn to Equipment4Garages.  We have more than three decades of experience in garage equipment trade.  We have a refreshing attitude and strive hard to bring you the latest products.  We stock an extensive range of computer controlled as well as manual spin wheel balancers as well as cones and accessories.  We offer balancers for small and large wheels including motorcycle wheels.  Our wheel balancers are easy to use and feature the latest tyre balancing technology.  Our balancers are compact and are CE approved, which means they are made to highest quality standards and are sure to offer accurate wheel balancing. To know more about our wheel balancers contact us at Telephone: 01727875695, E-mail: info@equipment4garages.com

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