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Safety First! What You Need To Know About Your 2 P
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Safety First! What You Need To Know About Your 2 P

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posted in Support and Advice - 2 Post Lifts by Equipment 4 Garages on 11:47 Jun 11th, 2013

You’ve bought your new 2 post lift, had it installed to the right specifications, tested and it’s ready to go. However, there’s some basic safety advice you should follow to avoid accidents when using your new lift.

Safety Advice For Your 2 Post Lift

Never overload your 2 post lift, and make sure you are within the Safe working load (SWL). This can be found on the side of the lift. If you can’t find it because it is missing or illegible, contact your service company or us at Equipment4garages.com for advice. For vans, allow for the load inside or remove the weight in order to use within the weight capacity of the lift. Do not use a lift or work on or with equipment if you are unsure of its safe condition while also not overriding the safety devices. Do not climb on the lift or into the vehicle while the lift is raised as it can change the central balance and make it unsafe. A pair of full lift height safety stands is a good investment to offer additional protection.

Make sure to fully lower the lift when work is finished or if there is a malfunction and disconnect the power to eliminate the risk of the lift falling or electrocution if there is a fault. When welding, make sure to arrange proper earth continuity. 

Keep Safe When Using Your 2 Step Lift

It’s important to make sure you follow the right safety precautions to avoid injury and accidents when using a 2 post lift. Keep everyone using the equipment up to date with procedures and regulations so they’ll stay safe. You can find more information from the GEA (Garage equipment association) who provide comprehensive advice on all types of lifts and equipment.

If it is a peak lift you need help with, call Equipment 4 Garages on 01727875695 or email info@equipment4garages.com


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