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Best Tyre Fitting Machine - New and not used
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Best Tyre Fitting Machine - New and not used

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posted in Tyre Changers - Support and Advice by Richard Wilson on 15:58 Dec 1st, 2021

 Best Tyre Fitting Machine  (New and not used, not manual, not refurbished)

 Semi-Automatic Tyre Machines

Our entry level tyre machine is the E4G LC810. They are often called swing arm tyre changers and they can be identified by 3 pedals. We refer to them as semi-automatic tyre machines. Basic helper arms can be fitted to these machines and our part number is E4G PL230. These helper arms can be fitted to other makes of tyre machines. You just need to make sure that the pin supplied will replace the pin in your existing tyre machine. We have a range of spare parts which are listed on our website which other suppliers fail to list. See our Youtube video

Tyre Change Semi-Automatic E4G LC810



Fully Automatic Tyre Changers.

The upright on the tyre machine tilts backwards and forwards unlike the swing arm tyre changer. They can be identified by 4 pedals. Our most popular models is the E4G GT885ITA which has a bead blasting facility built in to all the 4 jaws for those difficult to inflate tyres. See our Youtube video

Tyre Changer Fully Automatic with Helper Arm GT885ITA+390



Leverless Tyre Changers

These have been out several years now and they are gaining popularity as you don’t need to use tyre levers which can often damage the rims. Our manufacturer has a tie with Corghi in Italy and they use the Corghi designed lever-less demount head. Our model is the E4G GT887V+390. See our youtube video.

Leverless Tyre Changer Fully Automatic with Helper Arm GT887V+390



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