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Using a wheel balancer - a simple guide
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Using a wheel balancer - a simple guide

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posted in Support and Advice - Wheel Balancers by Richard on 11:44 May 21st, 2013

If you own a garage - whether big or small - one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you can own will be a wheel balancer.  Wheels should always be balanced after a tyre is replaced or repaired, one of the commonest jobs in the automotive repair industry.

Correct balancing of tyres and wheels eliminates vibration and wobbling, improves performance and driver comfort, reduces tyre wear, increases fuel mileage and reduces the stress on a vehicle.

At Equipment4Garages we stock a wide range of wheel balancers to allow you to find the machine best suited to you, whatever you need. We also stock a great range of wheel balancer accessories, spares and other tyre bay products.

Garage equipment advances rapidly and current wheel balancers are much easier to use than earlier machines. Many modern balancers feature new details designed to ensure wheels can be quickly and efficiently balanced. These can include multiple balancing modes for alloys, steel wheel and motorcycles.

Equipment4Garages stocks a huge range of high-quality modern wheel balancers. Our most popular model is our computerised E4G 910 balancer, which can be used for motorcycles as well when fitted with the correct attachment.

And busy garages which work with many different types of vehicle every day can opt for a balancer which works on a wide range of vehicles from small trucks to cars.

Contact Equipment4Garages to find out more about which of our varied range of wheel balancers is right for your business.

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