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Tyre Changer Demount Heads aka Duck Heads
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Tyre Changer Demount Heads aka Duck Heads

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posted in Support and Advice - Tyre Changers by Richard Wilson on 11:52 Nov 11th, 2015

Tyre changer demount heads, also known in some Countries as ‘Duck Heads’ (because in some positions they resemble a duck) are often a neglected item.  They are an integral part and they need to be properly positioned so they sit precisely on the wheel.  The plastic protection tails and nose inserts need to be in good condition to prevent wheel damage. 

Demount Head Features

Here at Equipment4garages we have a comprehensive range of demount heads along with replacement nose and tail inserts.  In order to help identify we have listed the manufacturers of the different tyre changers and where possible we have sourced a replacement demount head whether in metal or plastic, for a car or motorcycle.  On some older metal demount heads with the metal rollers you can get an insert to clip over the roller. 

 Over the last few years there has been an increase in the use of plastic/nylon demount heads as wheels have become an extremely expensive and admired part of a car.  If your tyre changer manufacturer doesn’t offer a plastic or nylon demount replacement head we can often help as we have a universal range.  

All you have to do is measure your hexagonal shaft size by removing your existing demount head and use a vernier gauge to measure the diameter of your shaft. The popular diameter of a demount head is either 28mm or 29mm, but it is very important to measure.  Also, it is very important to know whether the grub screws are to the front or rear of the demount head otherwise you will not be able to tighten up the demount head to the shaft.  Please inspect all aspects of the demount head configuration to get the correct replacement. 

 Check our full range of demount heads or get in touch with our experts


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