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Motorcyle Tyre Changer E4G M806B
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Motorcyle Tyre Changer E4G M806B

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posted in Support and Advice - Tyre Changers by Richard Wilson on 12:31 Dec 18th, 2020


Motorcycle & Car Tyre Changers - What are the differences between them?

In our range of tyre changers, we have a dedicated motorcycle tyre changer which has proved very popular over the years especially with motorcycle racing teams, golf courses for their golf buggies and lawn mowers.



Let me highlight some of the features and benefits for you.  One of the most noticeable differences is the 4 raised jaws. They are raised to accommodate the motorcycle hubs, which come in various shapes and sizes.  Additionally, the jaw widths are adjustable making them suitable not only for motorcycle wheels, but moped wheels, scooter wheels, golf cartwheels and lawn mower wheels.


Our E4G M806B Tyre Changer has a wheel range from 3” to 24”.  Our machines are supplied with 2 motorcycle demount heads or duck heads as they are also known, plus one large head to suit the rims on large wheel and one small head to suit the rims on small wheels.  We also stock replacement duck head inserts for most makes of tyre changers from around the world.



Another noticeable difference between a motorcycle tyre changer and a car tyre changer is the width of the bead breaker rubber, it is a lot wider to reduce the travel of the bead breaker blade. The blade does not need to travel as much as a car tyre changer due to motorcycle tyre widths generally being a lot narrower. The bead breaker blade is also smaller to accommodate a range of wheel sizes from a wheelbarrow, lawn mower and up to a 1000cc racing bike.


We keep in stock a wide range of tyre changer spares including tyre changer pedal springs, pedals and tyre changer motors and bead breaker cylinders.

Finally, there is nothing to prevent you from changing car tyres on this machine, however it is predominantly designed for motorcycle wheels.

In 2020 we have changed the colour of our range of tyre changing and wheel balancing machines from blue to GT Satin Black which has been well received by our customers. The E4G M806B is part of our updated GT Range of Tyre Bay equipment which are now all finished in GT Satin Black.

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