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Investing in Tyre Changers
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Investing in Tyre Changers

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posted in Support and Advice - Tyre Changers by Richard on 11:43 Apr 17th, 2013

If you find yourself changing tyres on a regular basis then you will probably agree that it's not the easiest of jobs! However, by investing in a tyre changer, you can make the tedious task a little easier. Changing a tyre manually, using nothing but a tyre lever and a lot of strength can be a lot of hard work and can really test you physically, but tyre changers can give you a big helping hand by taking the strain for you. Equipment4Garages have been supplying high-quality tyre changers for over 38 years and our commitment to our role means we are always looking to improve our range, keeping top of developments in the industry.

What is a Tyre Changer?

If you've never used a tyre changer before, you are probably wondering exactly what one is! Essentially, it is a machine used to help you mount and demount tyres of  wheels. After the wheel and tyre assembly are removed from the vehicle, the tyre changer has all the components needed to remove and replace the tyre from the wheel. Here at Equipment4Garages we have an extensive choice of tyres changers, including the very latest models, such as those with lever-less technology. Lever-less tyre changers make it even easier to change tyres quickly and effectively, and less likely that you will cause damage to a vehicle's wheels, which will be of paramount importance if you change tyres in a commercial environment. Ultimately, tyre changers make the whole tiresome process of changing a tyre much more efficient and less of a battle!   Also, we stock a great range of tyre changer accessories and spares and other tyre bay products 

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