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Scissor Lifts - An Alternative To 2 And 4 Post
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Scissor Lifts - An Alternative To 2 And 4 Post

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posted in Support and Advice - Scissor Lifts by Equipment 4 Garages on 11:57 Jun 11th, 2013

Why Use Scissors Lifts Instead Of A 2 Post Lift?

Flush mounted or in-ground scissor lifts are reasonably common in workshops. Often used in brand new workshops, they are often sunk into the floor unlike a 2 or 4 post lift. They are liked by customers because they don’t have posts and cross beams at either end. This allows for much better access to the underneath of the car. At Equipment4garages we supply the Peak SX08F flush mounted scissor lifts.

Our range of above ground lifts comprise of 3 models. The Peak PX12A, Peak PX12 and Peak SX07. The Peak PX12A is a wheel alignment lift with a recess for turn and rear slip plates. It is popular worldwide for customers who specialise in wheel alignment. In England we have been supplying the Peak SX07, proving a very popular choice over a 2 post lift.

Mobile scissor lifts have been gaining popularity in recent years with the home mechanic, tyre bays, small workshops and body shops. They are low cost compared with scissor and 2 post lifts. With mobile lifts, there is no installation cost. Invariably they are 220v, so there is no electrical installation cost either.  Our range at Equipment4garages.com of mobile scissor lifts comprises at present of the Peak MR06 and the Peak LR06. The Peak MR06 is the most common at present. It has 4 arms and lifts to 1m. The Peak LR06 is a drive over lift without arms and is ideally suited for tyre bays. It lifts to 600mm.

Quality Scissor And Post Lifts From Equipment4Garages

You will soon be able to purchase our new range of scissor lifts. If you are not sure whether you require a 2 or 4 post lift, or a scissor lift, read our Which Lift Is Best For Me? guide.  

For more information about a 2 post lift or scissor lift email info@equipment4garages.com,  phone 01727 875695 or visit our website at www.equipment4garages.com


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