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Make Sure To Use The Correct 4 Post Lift
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Make Sure To Use The Correct 4 Post Lift

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posted in Support and Advice - 4 Post Lifts by Equipment 4 Garages on 11:47 Jun 11th, 2013

There are a number of jacking devices on the market that raise vehicles by engaging with the vehicles wheel which look like small mobile column lifts. These jacks are not manufactured to the same standard as a scissor lift, mobile column lift and 2 or 4 post lift. Therefore, they will not have the same safety features or checks carried out to ensure the security of the user, vehicle and property.

When Is A 4 Post Lift Not A Lift?

When using jacks instead of a 2 or 4 post lift, axle stands should always be placed under the vehicle before starting work on or under it. Not only is it dangerous to work on a vehicle which is not properly supported, it may cause damage to the vehicle or surroundings, if it happens to fall or move. Proper lifting equipment has safety features to stop this happening through stop blocks, rubber lift pads and/or blocks and barriers to enable a safe and secure working environment.

Using a jack or lift improperly is a sure fire way to cause an accident or damage the vehicle. Safety standards are in place to keep you and those around you safe. While working in a garage, failure to acknowledge these puts you and others at risk. Make sure to read the manual, carry out the correct safety checks and use the machinery correctly and safely for optimal use before, during and after carrying out work on the vehicle.

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