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Choosing The Right Type Of 4 Post Lift
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Choosing The Right Type Of 4 Post Lift

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posted in Support and Advice - 4 Post Lifts by Equipment4Garages on 11:48 Feb 8th, 2013

4 Post Lift From Equipment4Garages

4 post lifts can make life much easier for a mechanic.  These lifts make it simpler to lift the vehicle off the ground and will enable you to get to those impossible to reach areas. It has become known as the “inspection lift” as it is used my many MOT Stations.  Doing work under a vehicle involves a lot of risks and this is where these lifts come to your rescue.  They are designed to prevent accidents and injuries.  While there are number of jacks available on the market, these should not be a substitute for a 4 post lift as they have safety features to prevent accidents and injury should it occur.  Four post lifts are also sturdier alternatives to two post lifts and provide quick “drive on – Drive off” vehicle loading.  If you are in need of the right type of four post lift, then shop at Equipment4garages.  We are leaders in the garage equipment industry and we have earned a good reputation for stocking fine quality products.  We have an extensive range of 4 post lifts including the most sophisticated designs to be placed in pits.  Our lifts are made from superior quality materials and will stand the test of time.  They have been tested for quality as well as safety.  These lifts can also be used to store one vehicle above another when not in use.  Our 4 post lifts are CE approved.

If you are wondering which 4 post lift will be best for you, then details below of a few of our lifts can help you choose something that will best suit you.

E4G 608 4 Post Car Parking Lift

This 4 post lift is extremely compact and is best for sports cars.  It comes with a lifting height of 2000 mm.  A hydraulic jack beam comes along with it as an optional extra.

Peak 409 4 Post 4 Ton Non-Alignment Vehicle Lift - 3Ph

This lift has an electrical air control operation system.  It has a capacity of 4 tonnes and a lifting height of 1850 mm.  It features a mechanical self-lock, air safety release and a sand finish platform.  The platform and safety lock ladders are adjustable.

Peak 412 4 Post 5.5 Ton Wheel Non-Alignment Lift 1Ph

This four post lift is similar to the Peak 409 except that it has a skid proof diamond pattern platform and that it has a capacity of 5.5 tonnes and a lifting height of 1900 mm.

If you are interested to know more about our collection of 4 post lifts or you need advice with choosing the right post lift contact us at Telephone: 01727875695, E-mail: info@equipment4garages.com

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