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Choosing the right two post lift
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Choosing the right two post lift

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posted in Support and Advice - 2 Post Lifts by Richard on 11:43 Apr 24th, 2013

A car lift is is an investment for anyone seriously interested in car maintenance, whether for business purposes or purely for pleasure.

This essential piece of garage equipment raises a car to allow the mechanic to work on the underside. Most of the work to be done on a modern car is underneath and a lift makes life much simpler when you have that essential repair to finish off.

Two post lifts leave a car's wheels unrestricted when raised and take up little floor space when not in use - making them perfect for small garages and keen home mechanics.

The lifts Equipment4Garages stock now are the latest efficient and effective models, designed to accommodate newer and heavier types of vehicle.

Our biggest-selling two-post lifts are PEAK models 209 and 209X. These feature a convenient single-sided lock release system, so the mechanic does not have to walk around the vehicle, and supersymmetric arms which can be positioned to support different weights and types of car. These four ton lifts are capable of lifting small trucks and 4x4s as well as smaller cars.

The majority of two post lifts have a base plate housing the cables running across the floor between posts. Some customers prefer lifts without these. In these baseless lifts there is no obstruction on the floor. The most common baseless lift in the PEAK range is the 209C.

Contact Equipment4Garages to discuss your lift requirements. With our extensive range, we can help find the right lift for you.


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