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Why Do You Need A 2 Post Lift In Your Garage?
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Why Do You Need A 2 Post Lift In Your Garage?

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posted in Support and Advice - 2 Post Lifts by Equipment 4 Garages on 11:45 Jun 11th, 2013

A 2 Post Lift is a very common way of lifting a car off the ground for servicing and repairs. They have been in use for over 40 years. In England companies like Bradbury, Kismet and Tecalemit were early manufacturers of 2 post lifts.

What Is A 2 Post Lift?

The basic design of a 2 Post Lift features two posts placed on a H-frame, which is was then bolted to the floor. These early lifts worked mainly on screws within in each post, which were prone to wear of the nuts within the posts. In recent years it has become more common for lifts to use rams and steel cables. At Equipment4garages we supply Peak lifts which use rams and steel cables.

The majority of 2 post lifts have base plates which house the steel cables that run across the floor between each post. In recent years, H-frames seem to be in decline and posts are fixed directly into the ground. The most popular lifts within our range at Equipment4garages.com is the Peak models, 209 and 209X. Featuring the exclusive single sided lock release system, the Peak models eliminate the need for users to walk to either side of the car in order to release the locks. These lifts have super symmetric arms, which allow you to position the car on the lift to suit the weight and type of the vehicle you are repairing.

Lift More With 4 Ton Lifts

In recent years cars have got heavier. As a result of this, there has been a sudden move from 2.5 ton and 3 ton lifts to 4 ton lifts. The Peak 209 and 209X are 4 ton lifts, enabling you to lift heavier vehicles safely. Garages have also started using lifts which do not have base plates. Called baseless lifts, the steel cables run over the top of the vehicle instead of across the floor. The benefit of this type of lift is that there is no obstruction on the floor; useful for cars with little ground clearance. Additionally, when using a transmission jack it can roll without having the base plate as an obstacle. One of the most common baseless lifts in the Peak range is the 209C.

Modernise With Two Post Lifts From Equipment4Garages

In the past when maintaining vans and pickup trucks they were invariably put on 4 post lifts. Workshops now tend to use 2 posts lifts such as the Peak 210 lift. It has a 4.5 ton capacity which gives users the extra lifting capability required to work on vans which are loaded with tools.

At Equipment4garages we intend to introduce a 5 ton 2 post lift suitable for extra large and longer vans. The jacking points can be over 3m apart and lift manufacturers have been slow to manufacturer lifts to accommodate this technical detail.

If you would like to find out more, contact Equipment4garages on 01727 875695  or email info@equipment4garages.com.

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