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Why Do You Need A 2 Post Car Lift?
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Why Do You Need A 2 Post Car Lift?

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posted in Support and Advice - 2 Post Lifts by Equipment4Garages on 11:49 May 9th, 2013

2 Post Lifts Can Turn Tricky Repairs Into Simpler Tasks

2 post lifts are the most affordable type of lifting equipment on the market today.  These lifts are perfect for garage owners with little space and allow users to raise their cars off the ground and work underneath.  2 post lifts are designed to lift automobiles at least 6 feet from the floor, enabling easy access to all parts of their underbelly all while standing up.  Choosing the right two post lift will not only offer you greater value for money, but will also prevent accidents.  If you are interested in purchasing a 2 post lift, turn to Equipment4Garages.  We specialise in a wide range of garage equipment that are of top quality.  All our two post lifts are CE approved.

2 Post Lifts From Equipment4Garages

We stock 208, 209 and 210 models. All of these 2 post lifts will help you do any repair job with ease.  If you have a low ceiling garage, you will find that our two post lifts will give you a little extra space under the vehicle, particularly in comparison to other lifting equipments, and you will have easy access to all parts of the vehicle, including wheel assemblies.  Our 209 model 2 post lifts can lift up to 4 tons including small trucks, 4x4’s and most family cars.  The 208 models lift up to 3.5 tons and 210 models lift up to 4.5 tons.  To find out more about our 2 post lifts contact us at Telephone: 01727875695, E-mail: info@equipment4garages.com


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