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Our Range of 2 Post Lift Pads
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Our Range of 2 Post Lift Pads

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posted in Support and Advice - 2 Post Lifts by Richard on 12:12 Apr 26th, 2018

At Equipment4Garages.com we offer a comprehensive range of 2 post lift pads from manufactures that range from AMGO to Zippo. In April 2018 we have launched our new lift pad E-catalogue. It is our first version and soon we will be introducing a version 2 which will have some accessories listed. In the book we have a complete range of lift pads, lift pads with frames, height extensions and in-ground lift rubber plates. The book not only has the image of the pad, but its dimensions. Often lifts are own branded, which makes it difficult to identify a particular pad. Therefore with the dimensions it is easier to find that spurious pad.  If you need to identify a particular pad it is best to have a measuring tape or vernier gauge with you; and after removing the existing pad, make the following observations; width of metal plate, depth of metal plate and whether it is any of the following, hook over, flat and with or without screws. Here is a little tip, If you eye’s aren’t great use a spanner to get the depth like 8mm or 10mm often its hard to read off a tape measure.
On our website there is a separate listing for Lift Pads https://www.garageequipment.co.uk/Lift-Pads-and-Chocks. They are in lift manufacturer order and we are constantly adding new lift manufacturers and new lift pads. We just visited an exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham and we came across a new lift supplier called Dama a Spanish company and their lifts use our E4G 136 Lift Pad. We are distributors for AMGO, Peak and our Big Red range, we supply not only the lift pads, but the spares as well. 
As a company we have been sourcing lifts pads from around around the world as lifts are manufactured in many countries such as America, China, Spain, Italy and Germany. However, the majority of our lifts now come from China and some of the American manufacturers now have their lifts made there too.  The most common Chinese lift pads are shown below.
                                                                      Typical Chinese Lift Pads
Over the years we have gained knowledge in the quality and strength of rubber used in lift pads, rubber blocks and rubber in-ground lift mats and we are able to provide our different suppliers with the grade and type of rubber in order to provide a durable well made replacement. 

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