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AMGO E4G A255 5.5 Ton 2 Post Lift
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AMGO E4G A255 5.5 Ton 2 Post Lift

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posted in Support and Advice - 2 Post Lifts by Richard Wilson on 16:37 Jul 11th, 2022

We have updated our AMGO A255 2 post baseplate lift which is suitable for both cars and vans up to 5.5 Tons.

Check out our Youtube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMvOqHTntFA


There are new features in this lift which reflect the progress and success AMGO Peak products are achieving around the world with manufacturing plants in both China and America.

A very important feature is that each lift has 2 width settings 3137mm or 3000mm between posts, which may prove useful for commercial vehicle repairers.

It has a single sided manual release locking system, which unlocks the carriages in both posts.

Everything else is controlled from the 24v Control Box which has up and down buttons and there is an upper height limit switch.


Other important features are;

4 x 3 stage arms which gives more flexibility for the different sized vehicles and offers better vehicle weight distribution. They extend from 936mm to 1820mm offering a range that is one of the best in its class. Making it suitable for both small cars and (LWB) long wheel-based vans.

The arms have automatic restraints that lock when the lift rises, and then unlock when it is lowered to the ground.



The lift pads are double threaded and screwable. There is also a set of 3’’ and 6” height extensions which are supplied as standard


There is new improved chain protection and chain pully’s come with bronze bushes. 




The posts then are covered by the protective curtains.




The post and lifting arms are made from 6mm steel and the whole lift’s weight is an incredible 991kg which is significantly heavier than similar 5.5 Ton lifts on the market.

The lift is available in 1ph or 3ph. 


Now to mention some accessories.


1.    Base Plate Extensions for this lift.  


    Some customers like to be reassured with these extra fixings if the concrete floor is old and not totally sure of its strength.

See our full baseplate range at: https://www.garageequipment.co.uk/Vehicle-Lifts/Lift-Accessories/Baseplate-Extensions




Product code: E4G 21501


2.    Riser Pads should you need to load low ride height cars are available.

Product code: E4G 241



‘U’ saddle Chassis adaptors



E4G 21107                                                                  E4G 20804


Please be aware that there are two different sizes of adapters so ensure you have the correct one before ordering.




4.    Wheel forks/supports E4G 20806.

Change your lift from chassis support to a wheel support lift.

We highly recommend this product for work on extremely low chassis cars, cars with extensive side skirts, race car suspension preparation or electric vehicle management such as battery replacement.


These forks will provide you with the multi-function and flexibility of a 2 Post Lift but will also bring the advantages of a 4 Post Lift.


5.    Lawn Mower adaptor E4G 20805

Change your lift from a chassis support lift to a wheel support lift this is aimed to be used by short wheelbase items such as lawnmowers, golf carts and quadbikes for example.









At equipment4garages we are really pleased to have this model with all these new features in our range.




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