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What Are The Benefits Of Lift Pads?
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What Are The Benefits Of Lift Pads?

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posted in Latest News and Information by Equipment 4 Garages on 11:45 Jun 11th, 2013

What Are Two Post Lift Pads

2 post lifts have rubber lift pads at the end of each of the 4 arms. They are designed to protect the sills or chassis of the car when it is raised. The rubber has to be of durable quality or else it will crack and break up after minimal use. When 2 post lift manufacturers design new lift systems, they will often change the style of the lift pads.  

On some of the first 2 post lifts, the pad was stuck onto a metal plate at the end of the arm. In other systems, the pad was designed to hook over the metal plate. Most 2 post systems use the latter, where the pad hooks over the metal disc.

Lift pads vary in size and shape, from a 100mm to 150mm, to round and square. The metal plates can also be of varying thickness from 7mm to 12mm. Early 2 post lifts manufactured by Tecalemit and Kismet had unusually shaped oblong rubber lift pads. In recent years, Chinese manufactured 2 post lifts have been designed to take hexagon shaped lift pads. Square pads are becoming common particularly on American style post lifts. If you are using a Peak lift, they are most likely to use round lift pads that sit in metal plates or metal cups.

How To Order Lift Pads

When ordering 2 post lift pads it is important to obtain the manufacture and model number of the lift. As they vary is shape and size, take a measurement of the width and depth of the metal plate.

If you would like to order replacement lift pads or would like advice of the correct ones for your lift, contact Equipment4Garages. Go online to www.garagequipement.co.uk, email info@equipment4garages.com or call 01727 875695.

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