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Vehicle Lift Electric Hydraulic Power Packs
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Vehicle Lift Electric Hydraulic Power Packs

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posted in Latest News and Information by on 16:56 Oct 26th, 2018

Vehicle Lift Electric Hydraulic Power Packs for 2 and 4 Post Lifts and Ramps. 
In the UK the vehicle lift market has seen a transformation in the way vehicle garage lifts are designed. Originally the majority of lifts and in particular 2 post lifts were operated by a long central screw in each post which was electrically turned to bring the carriages up and down. However, we now have lifts which work from an electric hydraulic power pack.
                       Electric Release                                                   Manual Release
Here at Equipment4Garages.com we not only sell a range of AMGO, Peak and Big Red lifts, but we sell a full range of electric hydraulic power packs that can be used on most makes of vehicle lifts for when the time comes and they need to be replaced. There are 2 main types of power packs supplied and they are manually operated release or electronic release. Our ‘Big Red’ range are electronically released. Whereas our AMGO and Peak range can be either.


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