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The professional way to compress coil springs
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The professional way to compress coil springs

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posted in Latest News and Information by Brian on 11:50 Oct 25th, 2013

When the damper inside a MacPherson strut or similar style of shock absorber wears out, you can replace the cartridge, but to do that you will need to compress the coil-spring. The E4G S3280 Coil-Spring Compressor Machine will enable you to this easily and safely and can be ordered on-line. Please do not use makeshift arrangements of clamps, wire or cord. They are unsafe. Compressed springs contain enough power and tension to support the car, so anything that suddenly releases one creates a large projectile moving at high speed that can cause serious injury. Be very, very careful while using a spring compressor and handling the compressed spring. Compressing the spring is real exercise. The spring is designed to support more than 1/4 of the cars weight. Moreover, its probably a progressive rate spring, which means it gets stiffer as it is compressed. Replacing the struts inevitably alters the existing wheel alignment. See our full range of Wheel Alignment Systems.

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