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Its time to junk your jacks!
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Its time to junk your jacks!

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posted in Latest News and Information by Richard Wilson on 9:48 Jan 29th, 2016

Gone are the days when tyre fitters need to get down on hands and knees looking for safe jacking points, working one wheel at a time. Equipment4garages.com are on a mission to make maintenance a doddle and their newest range of garage lifts is no exception. 

The all-new Mid Rise Scissor Lift is ideally suited for busy tyre bays and helps to take the faff out of tyre fitting. This nifty piece of equipment allows fitters to raise a vehicle up to a height of 1m, simply by driving onto the ramp and then pressing a button. 

Customers appreciate speedy service. They want their vehicle off the road for the shortest time possible. You also want to turnaround as many vehicles as possible to maximise the return from your garage space and time. Using the Mid Rise Scissor Lift to get all four wheels off the ground at the same time allows for faster fitting and provides an opportunity to upsell related services like brake repairs, or disc and pad changes.

If you’re short of space, no problem. This affordable bit of kit is also mobile, so you can take your fitting to the forecourt too. There is no time to waste in a busy garage and by using clever equipment like this to speed up your service, you can improve the efficiency of your business. A faster turnaround will also make for happy customers, leading to repeat business and a better bottom line.

Want to give your business a lift? See our full range, including the new Mid Rise Scissor Lift at www.equipment4garages.com.


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