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Benefits of a Car Rotisserie
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Benefits of a Car Rotisserie

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posted in Latest News and Information by Richard Wilson on 11:53 Nov 13th, 2015

When restoring a car it is often necessary to get to the top, sides and underside during the process. Professionals and enthusiasts often use a car rotisserie to keep the car off the ground, it easy to move and rotate for full access.

This makes welding, sanding, cleaning and painting easier without the need to prop the car up and crawl underneath it or try and share access with large piece of equipment such as a welder. Car rotisseries are also often referred to as rollover spits, rollover jigs, chassis tilters and auto twillers.

What is a car rotisserie

The car rotisserie is essentially a frame that suspends the body of the car off the ground. The framework on the e4g model is made out of 80mm box sections for strength and is powder coated to protect your car. It will usually have two pivoting brackets that allow the body to be rotated easily so you can repair one area of the body then rotate and continue on to another part. Lower priced car rotisseries might need several people to rotate the car body, while higher priced rotisseries will have a turning handle that enables the process to be carried out by one person.

There are several manufacturers of car rotisseries and they accommodate different car body weights. The E4g car rotisserie, model number E4G 9669, can take an impressive (3000lbs) 1.3ton and one person with the use of the handle can easily rotate a vehicle. Some rotisseries may be limited by a fixed height, while the E4G 9669 is adjustable due to the use of long stroke hydraulic rams at either end. Like most other rotisseries it is adjustable in width and length allowing it to accommodate a wider range of car bodies. Some car rotisseries like ours are on castors, which allows you to move to different areas of the workshop when the need arises.

The importance stability and balance 

While most units allow the car body to be rotated about 360 degrees and then locked off, getting the correct centre of gravity is often a problem. Our model has threaded adjusting rods on each end, which assists in getting the correct point ensuring balance and stability. This is key while working on or moving your car body.

For more information see our E4G9669 Car Rotisserie or give us a call. (drop us your email address and we will let you know when our demonstration video is ready) 

Written by Richard Wilson 

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