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The New E4G A240TH Big Red 'H Frame' 2 Post Lift
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The New E4G A240TH Big Red 'H Frame' 2 Post Lift

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posted in Support and Advice - 2 Post 'H Frame' Lifts by Richard Wilson on 12:24 Nov 10th, 2021

Our popular ‘H’ frame 2 post lift, known as the ‘Big Red’ has just been restocked and updated with a range of new features.

The ‘H’ frame refers to the construction at the base of the lift (see image)                                                             

These days you usually see a 2-post lift without an ‘H’ frame, but in the past these were the most popular types of lifts sold here in the UK and they still have a strong following and demand for a variety of reasons.

2 Post lifts need to be placed and fitted to a range of floors in quality and depth, often with aged concrete and no easy way of testing the strength.

Therefore the ‘H’ frame makes it a sensible choice due to the fixings been spread over a greater surface area and the posts in turn being fixed to the ‘H’ frame offering greater stability and safety to the user or vehicle in operation.

We have had this lift in our inventory for several years and it has been a popular product of ours. Below are the main upgrades received and a list of the standard features.

Here are 3 main upgrades:

  • It has a new design 24v Control Box with a lowering alarm to warn people in the vicinity of the lift.
  • There is now an upper limit switch which can be moved should you have restricted head room.
  • The lifting arms are now 3 stage back & front to suit a greater variety of vehicles

Standard features:

  • Dual Electronic Safety locks in each column.                        
  • Locking Arms                                                                                    
  • Adjustable lift pads                                                                         
  • Dual Hydraulic Cylinders with heavy duty chain lifting system.                     
  • Steel wire equalising cables                                        
  • Dust covers on posts                                      
  • Toe protectors                                                                 
  • Available in 1 phase and 3 phase

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