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Peak MR06 Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift Technical Bulletin


Technical Bulletin: Peak Scissor Lift MR06


Recently the MR06 Mobile Scissor Lift has been subject to an inspection. There are some aspects that we need to draw to your attention for when in use.

Always check that the 2 locks engage when in use and the locking arm is in the correct position. (See figure 1)

Always replace the arm pins to stop the pads from slipping off. (See figure 2)

There is a possibility that the arms will bend when fully extended out the front and out the rear when the lift is overloaded. With a car on it the arms are normally out to the side, but we must draw this to your attention. (See figure 3)

Always switch the power off when the lift is in the raised position to prevent anyone from inadvertently pressing the down lever. Note: If the down lever was pressed when the locks are in position it would not descend, because the lift must go up first, but we must make you aware of this possibility.

If the lift is kept in a permanent position consider anchoring it to the floor.

The motor is IP44 rated and should not be used in wet conditions.

Always check the hydraulic hoses for damage and in particular the one in between the 2 rams. (See figure 4)

Check the pins that keep the rams in position have 2 circlips at both ends. Replace if missing. (See figure 5)




                                                            Figure 1



                                                            Figure 2



                                                            Figure 3



                                                         Figure 4



                                                        Figure 5

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